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7 Reasons Data Backup is Vital in Dental & Healthcare

Let me paint a picture for you: your front-office staff receives a normal looking email from a client. They’re asking about a charge from last month and there’s a link to a picture they claim is a different charge. Your staff member clicks on the link to investigate and three seconds later your computer becomes unresponsive. A hacker has taken over your network and locked your files. The only ways to regain access are to pay them a ‘ransom’ of $50,000, or restore your data from secure backups. What do you do? Does your clinic have a data backup strategy? Are you checking to ensure daily backups are actually happening?

Here are 7 reasons why automatic backups are vital to your dental or medical practice:


The email looked real. The subject line looked real. The client was a real client you see regularly – everything about the email looked legitimate. Hackers have become extremely resourceful, making automated backups more important than ever. Your network can become the victim of a phishing or malware attack at any point. By keeping regularly updated backups, you reduce the risk of becoming a victim to a Ransomware attack.

Natural Disasters

Fires and earthquakes can damage important pieces of data within an office, but having a comprehensive backup strategy will insulate you from data loss.

Criminal Activity / Theft

Technology equipment is low hanging fruit in theft incidents, however the true value lies in your data. By backing up your data regularly, you can minimize that impact. Remember, you can always buy more computers, but you can’t buy back your data. Don’t get caught without backups!

User Error

Even the greatest employees make mistakes at times…sometimes grave ones. Backups protect you from those mistakes and allow your employees to work for you at full capacity.

Encrypted Data

Protect your data so that it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. A sound backup strategy allows you to have multiple copies of your data stored on and off-site, knowing only you have access to it.

Minimal Down-time / Easy Restorability

A secure backup strategy includes simple processes to get your office back up and running quickly. With sound backup protocols in place, you can have your office operational in a timely manner. Don’t let data loss impact your patients.

Peace of Mind

Just imagine walking into your clinic tomorrow and not having any of your data, contacts, emails, schedules, etc. Sleep well knowing that your data is as protected as it can be with automatic backups.

Contact Loop IT for more info on how we can protect your clinic’s data. We can build a safe and secure backup strategy to minimize down-time for your clinic. Take a look at the Benefits of an IT services provider for your dental or healthcare clinic.

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