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Value Your Time – Get an IT Managed Services Provider For Your Clinic

Let’s face it: you’ve invested a lot of time and money into your clinic. Don’t let technology issues reduce your clinic’s efficiency and service levels to patients. No matter what your comfort is with technology, there is a compelling case for hiring an IT managed services provider (MSP).

Hiring an IT MSP will allow you to focus on your business. Let them handle the day-to-day time consuming and complex tasks to ensure your technology is running smoothly. An MSP can provide you with the following advantages:

Predictable Costs

MSPs typically use monthly pricing & support models. This means emergency issues and maintenance aren’t unexpected bills you have to pay down the line. Project these costs in your monthly operational budget and reduce your month-to-month variability.

Faster Response Times

A simple technology issue during peak hours could mean lost revenue and reduced patient satisfaction. The right MSP is just a phone call or an email away, with most providing 24 / 7 / 365 support. Don’t let simple technology issues affect day-to-day operations at your clinic.

HIPAA Compliance

Clinics must abide by government-mandated guidelines regarding the storage, use, and security of information in your IT systems. You need to evaluate your IT systems, records storage, maintenance processes, and security procedures to ensure patient confidentiality. Engaging a knowledgable MSP will ensure your clinic is HIPAA-compliant by updating your IT software and ensuring systems are equipped with the latest security updates.


Hiring a knowledgable IT MSP will give you access to a team that has the right skill set (e.g. experience, training, certifications).  You won’t need to spend time hiring multiple trades to cover all the different skills managing a clinic requires. 

Proactive Approach

Odds are an experienced IT MSP in your industry has encountered a majority of the common issues clinics face.  Hire an MSP for that experience and they can mitigate problems before they occur.

Single Point of Contact

Figuring out which vendor to contact for a technology issue is difficult.  Let an MSP be your liaison and handle everything from audio & video to computer hardware & software.  Technology issues can be lengthy & complex; hire an MSP so that you can get a resolution quickly and get to running your business.

The best kind of technology setup is one that is unobtrusive, and just works.  Loop IT prides itself on setting up clinics the right way so that issues don’t happen as often and you can serve your patients more effectively.

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